09 May 2019


I really wanna see Chicago's UDÜSIC sweating like motherfukkrs in a smelly basement. While the kids get dressed up, '77 cosplay shielding actual intent and purpose, the old heads remove the pretense when they take off their leather jackets and nothing is left but raw energy. 2014's self titled demo was a killer, the EP that followed was even more fierce, which makes dropping this four cover song banger an even sweeter move. The recording is red lined as fukk (note the difference between contrived distortion - which I still love! - and an exceptionally hot recording), and they move seamlessly from NO THANKS' "Fuck Everything" to a steaming "Precious And Grace" cover...and a hardcore band who can make '70s ZZ TOP tunes feel natural is a hardcore band I want to swing with. POISON IDEA and BLACK RANDY's "Sperm Bank Baby" get the treatment also, just to make it crystal clear that these folks know what's up. Then again, maybe these folks ARE what's up. See first sentence: I really wanna see UDÜSIC live. 

Should go without saying, but this J-Card "gatefold" earns extremely high marks in my book. 

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