05 May 2019


Ripped these off of a tape with a bunch of killer live shit. These two tracks were tacked onto the end, labeled: "MINOR THREAT - Last two songs ever recorded." Considering there are few US punk/hardcore bands more exhaustively researched and/or consumed, I can't really imagine that these are rare unearthed artifacts or anything like that, but: 1) Ian's vocals are on fire, and kinda awkwardly delivered; 2) the guitar sound is fukkn filthy; 3) the studio banter, though brief, is a nice touch. So there you go, I'll let the historians handle it from here.


Whimpers and Bangs said...

These are demos of songs which were released on a 7" under the band name Skewbald. They're virtually identical to the versions that were released, just not as cleanly produced. Great songs, imo.

sanders said...

don't know if this is a different recording, or if it is just an old stretched out tape, but these were the 2 (or 3) songs that got recorded as "skewbald/grand union" in 81 or 82 when minor threat broke up the first time. these songs got released in the early 90s as a 7".