27 May 2019


For a few years, I tried to ensure that every Monday here was greeted with noisy, raw, distorted filth. Probably DBeat too, but definitely raw and distorted. BOY IN LOVE use their disdain for traditional "music" to attack from a completely different flank, joining forces with the black clad crust hoards to wage an all out assault on everything from BEACH BOYS to PEARL JAM, leaving Herberts and Valley Girls wandering in deaf confusion, their collective socially implanted understanding of music in ruins. BOY IN LOVE ridicule rock 'n roll with an irreverence that simply can't by overstated - imagine a band of adults playing FOGHAT covers in a rural sports bar on the fourth of july while pissing on FOGHAT records and wiping their asses with the flag. Selected offerings include"Well Written Suicide Note," Jamie Lee Curtis' Piss," "Sensitivity Is Ignorance," "Grandpa's Vagina," although there's really nowhere to start and nowhere to end...almost like an actual war. 

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