07 May 2019


in the midst of the massive wave/s of crucial hardcore and punk coming out of the Los Angeles area in the early/mid '00s, a casual observer could be forgiven for missing a band or two here and there. The TUBERCULOSIS demo moved nearly 1K units (on cassette, dawg....deserved, but still), BLAZING EYE are darlings of Fest Culture, and GENERACÍON SUICIDA need no introduction, so it's cool if you missed ELECTROCUTIONER. Until today. If you are reading this, then you no longer have an excuse. Sorry (not really - not at all). If you are reading this, then ELECTROCUTIONER's 2016 Wretch In Order demo is a mere click away, and this two piece (initially a one piece, now a full band...if they exist at all?) does more to kick in the ass than anyone I can think of - six minutes of full force, anti-pig, in your face hardcore punk. Seriously.....they are SO GOOD. Everything is right, and I kinda don't know what to say beyond that. I listen to ELECTROCUTIONER and everything is right. And that should be enough....right? Fukk pigs. 

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