29 May 2019


It's several minutes into "Dreaming" before JONATHAN CANADY is even consciously audible on 2013's Am I Dreaming/Yellow?, which gives you a glimpse into the patience that is put into this release. Moogs and analog synths dragged unwillingly through one hour of trance inducing monotony, a soundtrack to a performance of futility and fear repeated countless times daily. Jonathan Canady comes, as if from another planet, to show us a mirror into ourselves.....and also: what he is doing to and with those synths demands commendation. 

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Nekroboy said...

We used to live in the same house in Philly. We lived upstairs and Jon with his Girlfriend downstairs. One of my many good memories About this time is the Sound that came from downstairs when he spend time with his synths. Also love Angel Of Decay. Good guy.