14 May 2019


You can find the most beautiful things if you just know where to look. Did you know that South Carolina Public Radio has produced a syndicated program called Piano Jazz since 1978? I didn't either, until I came across this episode from 1981 featuring ALICE COLTRANE. Obviously, someone else came across it well before I did, because here it is packaged on cassette for (selected) public consumption. Her piano is magical, just as her voice is warm, considerate and contemplative during the interview segments with host Marian McPartland.  With a breadth of work and influence that is almost incomprehensible, much of it still under the radar and (criminally) in the shadows of her late husband, I still find myself routinely floored when I discover a new segment of her output. This program fills one complete hour with conversation and sound, but "One For The Father" about halfway through....that one is just a killer. 


D. Spaulding said...

Piano Jazz is dope.

Barbatruco Producciones said...

thanks for this man,just discovered your blog,and you have many great records (some of them unknown to me) ,cheers from CHILE