07 July 2018


Hail oppressive doom. The moment the first crash interrupts the feedback to start "Interred In Foam" and TEMPLE STEPS start deliberately marching forward, you can tell that these two tracks are very very real. Punctuated with bleak midrange screams, they slog through a quarter hour of despair, often using chords as moments of rest assembled into reluctant riffs. On the flip, WRECK appear slightly more technical and uptempo, with thick, low vocals and arguably unnecessary guitar flare - an argument that I stop making about three minutes in, when I fully succumb to the aura that WRECK creates. Listen to the desperate cries of "no tomorrow" as "On The Gallows" reaches its inevitable conclusion and you'll see why. They approach a funeral doom pace on "Unleash The Drones," a the end of that track is a perfect end to this split release. Both bands were new to me and both are presented with enthusiasm...there's nothing like spending a hot summer day with dark, oppressive sounds. 

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