13 July 2018


Listen To Me Last is brilliant mix tape, a remnant from a relatively small circle of friends and sound dealers active in the mid-'00s....a circle we called the Milwaukee Mix Tape Exchange. Me met one Sunday a month at RiverHorse, where John and I played records to a tiny room that was typically half full. But on Mix Tape Exchange nights, that room was sometimes as much as 2/3 full, and that extra bump came from people like Jen and Ellie and Patsy and Brad and Dave....people who fukkn loved sound, loved new sounds, and loved creating mix tapes. Because a good mix tape isn't just a thing that you make, or a thing you put together, it's truly a thing that you create. From Gambia's SUPER EAGLES to EXCLAIM, from CIRCLE to FIONA APPLE, Dave absolutely crushed on this one...carrying a melancholic vibe through artists as diverse as his chosen audience and closing with the curve ball (and, to be honest, arguably lazy) move of dropping his own band's 12" near the end of side B. In its entirety. Who does that?! Dave does. And its a sick move (and Dark Well is an underrated banger to the extreme), allowing the listener to completely settle in (read: submit) before wrapping up with a peppy track from MILKTRAIN and a superb come down from SUNNO))). Keep for casual dips if you like, or settle in for the long haul (recommended), but Listen To Me Last is a benchmark for sonic collections...and for friendship. 

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