03 July 2018


....and this is why tapes are great. Maybe it's not the physical medium itself, but simply the role cassettes played in a certain pre-internet era, and the window back in time that the artifacts offer us. Or maybe it's just that tapes are great....because they bring us sonic artifacts like this. CHARLOTTE'S WEB sum themselves up as well as I could (pizza, cider and turkey burgers), though they do't mention how gloriously damaged their guitar sounds, but I suppose they were just employing a little humility in their typed promo letter:
This would fit very nicely amongst the current rebirth of dark punk - early '80s CURE vibes mingling with songs that seem stuck between eras and staunchly committed to adhering to nothing. "Mutant Oranges" is the definite banger, but all three songs are well worth your time. 

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