21 July 2018


Someone want to help me here? Because I seriously cannot tell what the fukk is happening. I keep listening, but I genuinely do not know what I am listening to or what it's intent was. Or is. Please help yourself....please help me. 


Anonymous said...

with a review like that, how could you NOT download this? honestly it erases the line between idiot and savant. I don't know if it's GOOD, but it is definitely compelling.

kingpossum said...

Wow, stumped The Wizard? That's huge. When the little riff quote from "I Wanna Be Your Dog" popped in on the opening I track I thought maybe this was going to be some subversive homage to our punk forebears or something. 'Twas not the case. Haven't been through all of it, but the nearest I can trace thus far is some R. Stevie Moore love. Maybe. But that's about all.

And there's far more than that going on here I'm sure, but like our illustrious host I've no bearings. The nods to mid-90s Memphis underground rap produce more questions than answers. Paul Westerberg shows up. Kind of. And what percentage of this thing is ironic versus genuine?

Hearty thanks for the post. One of the best ever in my humble perplexed opinion.