04 July 2018


The first PROVOKE show I saw was one of the last with the lineup on this 2016 demo. They switched members with class, making their changes during the set so that the (then) new personnel finished the show. And cooler than the fact that they remained shit hot fire during every move was the camaraderie with which everything happened - like the "old" was just kinda passing the thing on and offering support. Like they were all still family. I'm not going to get into the male vocals on this demo vs. Jenny's vocals in the current lineup, because it really is still the same band and both singers are fukkn devastating so win/win. Fierce, urgent hardcore, not at all contrived, and a spirit that owes ever so slightly to early '00s political-meets-posi hardcore that flooded the scene (and speaking of that era, Moses nails the new millennium fastcore drums better than anyone I've watched in ages). They aren't a new band anymore, but PROVOKE are at the center of a new crew of hardcore in the Bay Area that is getting me (re)stoked. 

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