23 July 2018


This one is distorted so right. Dark and murky raw hardcore with a thunderous low end that's perfectly suited to that weird bouncy squirm that seemed to take over punk a while back. I was just talking yesterday about boogie and how most good punk has a nice ass shaking rhythm, often hidden beneath the leather. And while LA's NO PEACE might not remind you of "People Of The South Wind" (insert "people Of The Southland" joke here...a joke that perhaps only SoCal residents will get, and a joke that perhaps isn't really very funny), there's something about that rumble that gets me going. Weird ass chopped up edit of this demo, which only serves to make it more engaging - it's good when punks keep you on your toes, even if by accident. If the rest of your week is a crushing as Volume One, then I'd say you are doing OK. 

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