01 October 2017


I am well aware that modern advances in digital recording have resulted in an unfathomable explosion of independent small scale electronic/synth/goth acts born out of bedrooms and curiosity...but as we are showered with fragments of hardcore bands resurrected or reincarnated as shrapnel from these eruptions, with the flaming remnants of former loners now empowered by second hand synths and pirated plug-ins, I would never suggest that I am disappointed. Because there are acts like LAPIS. Two people from Oakland making dreary sounds that could have come from any of the last four decades (present decade included in this count), but LAPIS comes from now, and these four tracks are stellar, particulary "TECH-NI-QUE," the only even remotely upbeat number on their first demo. I hope that this is just an appetizer....I am ready for the main course. 

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