30 September 2017


I know that plenty of stuff slips by me, but I swear that I was paying attention in 1999. Maybe LURCH just slipped under my radar? Maybe they never made it far enough outside of Pleasanton to raise an eyebrow on anyone planted in San Francisco as I was at the time (though, to be fair, WHN? started practicing and writing in Pleasanton sometime in 2000, so even that isn't an excuse)? Of maybe this band never strayed from the path between their garage and the sports bar in the strip mall where they laid waste to a bunch of jocks on the third Thursday of each month. Fukk man, I don't know how they escaped me, but I'm glad to have them now. Dirty, filthy, guitar heavy and kinda psychedelic noise rock that would have formed a nice bridge between DYSTOPIA and UNSANE (or, if you want to keep the references era appropriate and Bay Area specific, CUTTHROATS 9). Loads of samples between tracks, and the band's overall approach borders on disturbing throughout the recording - the awkward stops in the middle of the distorted fukkd up riff the makes "Endocrine" seem like it about to cook (it cooks later) are a perfect example; it's just uncomfortable to listen to, but in the best possible way. So even if I didn't find out about LURCH for almost twenty years.....? better late than never I suppose.

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