30 October 2017


I've heard my wife occasionally mention this Mankato, Minnesota band for the entire time I've known her. I'm pretty sure she met them when they played with ECONOCHRIST and DEMISE in Minneapolis in 199something, but that part is irrelevant** (though the video of the show that Milton took is fukkn killer). What is relevant is that for some reason I have thought, through all these years, that LIBIDO BOYZ were basically a forgettable early '90s pop punk band. I have no excuse for this thought, but that's how the band became compartmentalized, even though I had never heard them. Well, I got a few Midwest gems from my pal Daniel earlier this year, and this seven song demo was in the pile....so it seemed it was time to learn what I (thought I) already knew - except that the contents here are light years from my expectations. Nothing poppy, and nothing even remotely forgettable, LIBIDO BOYZ are straight ahead Midwest hardcore punk; maximum energy, maximum intensity, with just the slightest hint of a tongue buried in that cheek somewhere. "Who You Are" is a perfectly executed blasting rager that would be perfectly at home on Master Tape or America's Dairyland, and there's not a clunker in the mix. I admit I'm kinda floored, and feeling a little foolish for twenty years of dismissal....but there's always time to (re)learn, kids. 

I mentioned this revelation to Karoline, and she replied simply and concisely "they were fun live," as if to casually imply that I should pay more and/or better attention to her. And even if that wasn't her implication, it's the truth...

**That part is also incorrect. The connection was through Madison, Wisconsin band INSPECTOR 12. But the footage Milton took from those ECONOCHRIST shows is still very good. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. They were great live back in the late 80s in Mason City,Iowa( M.C.H.C...hehe)with Sorry Excuse. Billy writhing on the floor like a snake, etc. Good times. Great memories.