02 October 2017


This is what splits should be like, y'all. Wild and loose cacophonous punk from Minneapolis's ASS on one side (remnants of the overly prolific '00s will remember their pink LP cover from the middle of that decade), like a Midwestern future FILTH (or that's what many of us thought at the time) ringing in that dupa-dupa 1-2-1-2 drum beat damn near a decade before it seemingly infected every corner of punk and hardcore. But to mix it up on the flip, ASS is paired up with COLON PIPE. Five bursts of tortured electronics on their side, defying construct or classification. Elements of techno creep in occasionally, and moments sound like primitive video game soundtracks ("Azmile Quite Convinzing" most particularly), both doomed to be overshadowed by overbearing synth blasts. Disjointed (almost) to the point of unlistenable at times, but that is most certainly the point. So I guess your week is gonna start out kinda weird, and you are welcome for that. 

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