06 October 2017


I was excited to see these Argentinians when they finally made it to the USA earlier this year, and was please (but not surprised) to find that their high energy dual vocal hardcore translated perfectly to the live environment. As concept releases go, their Somos Latino America cassette from 2015 is prime material - twenty covers of bands from all over Central and South America, and LOS CAÍDOS go pretty fukkn deep, taking care of the obvious spots (Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru) and also hitting Honduras, Panama, Bolivia, El Salvador, Uruguay and others. It still sounds like them, which is the cool thing, and means that it bangs from start to finish...and it means that you are likely to find a handful of new bands that you'll want to know better. GUERILLA URBANA track is possibly my favorite, but that could change tomorrow. 


Imagen e Idea del Litoral said...

Hi Bro if you can have it Los Caídos Álbum "NO" in 10" you can heard a great skatefastkillpunk

the wizard said...

Oh yeah - it's a super great record!

shortfastloud said...

Many thanks for this!!!

But the tag in the songs it's totally wrong. According the song order in your rip, these are the correct titles and band covered

01-Anti Fuerza Publica (LOS KK, Chile)
02-Cada Vez (SHAM PAIN, Puerto Rico)
03-Llenos De Mierda (LIAJTAY KJAPARIN, Bolivia)
04-No Mas Represion (VHC, Venezuela)
05-Ke Se Mueran (KE SE MUERAN, Honduras)
06-Sucios Pensamientos (KAOS GENERAL, Peru)
07-Asesinos A Sueldo (DETENIDOS, Cuba)
08-Punx De Mierda (ATOXXXICO, Mexico)
09-Los Generales (FERTIL MISERIA, Colombia)
10-Cuando La Violencia Acabe Con Nosotros (CARAS DE HAMBRE, Panama)
11-La Balada Del Comprador (LA ARMADA ROJA, Dominican Republic)
12-Hazlo Tu Mismo (FUERZA X, Guatemala)
13-Alcalde Buenos Dias (MORTAL DECISION, Peru)
14-El Dia Mas Feliz (TODOS TUS MUERTOS, Argentina)
15-Seguridad, Honor y Servicio (C.P.U., Nicaragua)
16-Esta Todo Bien (GUERILLA URBANA, Uruguay)
17-Lobo Por Fuera Oveja Por Dentro (AZTILLAS, El Salvador)
18-Hijos De La Adversidad (HIJOS DE LA ADVERSIDAD, Costa Rica)
19-200 Muertos (200 MUERTOS, Paraguay)
20-Astrofobia (ACXO, Brasil)

I'm spanish and some choirs didn't fit with the title you tag , so i've listened it carefully to fit the correct titles with their respective song, and in some case i've listened the original song to make sure i was right.

Cadejo Negro Ediciones said...

Tremendo Disco de Los Caidos!
Compartire la entrada en mi zine. dejare el link a tu blog.
S(a)ludos desde El Salvador!