22 October 2017


Pretty sure the first time I saw PUNCH IN THE FACE was in Chicago in 2004 in a classroom with 14 OR FIGHT and FUCKED UP. I zinged the singer from 14 OR FIGHT super hard while he was trying to give an Iraqi invasion related political speech on a defective microphone (note: I am not actually very witty in real life, but I totally won the exchange in question) and FUCKED UP were legitimately killer, even though I went to the show prepared to dismiss them as an overpriced two song single flavor of the month. The last time I saw PUNCH IN THE FACE was in 2007 - it was the last show ARTIMUS PYLE played (honestly, this was probably the single best show that band ever played), and BLOODY MINDED and DROP DEAD were on the bill also and the whole night was sick...but PUNCH IN THE FACE were unbelievably good (it was the record release for their only 12", if memory serves). If you like aggressive hardcore punk and you missed PUNCH IN THE FACE, then: 1) you fukkd up, and 2) I'm here to help. Nine songs in ten minutes, and, title notwithstanding, "Beer Cold, TV Loud, Homosexuals Flaming" is seriously one of the bangingest bangers of all time, but "The Start Of Your Ending" might be even better. 

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