10 October 2017


A few months ago I was on tour with SUBHUMANS and we played in a California town called Los Osos. This band BEARCATS opened the show and as they were doing a quick soundcheck I confess that I was thinking "what are these kids doing playing this show?" because it was a bass/drum duo playing really stripped down kinda indie and very amateurish punk(ish). It was endearing - don't get me wrong - it was just pretty far removed from the kinds of bands we typically cross paths with. And then the doors opened and the douchelords and bros started pouring in, and there were the apolitical '80s rejects and there was the dude in the MENTORS shirt (and his girlfriend...also in a MENTORS shirt) and there were sketchballs by the metric ton and I looked at the promoter as BEARCATS started and he just smiled...because he is (apparently) smarter than I thought. It's not just that the band is good (they fukkn are), it's that they are important. Two young women on a stage doing what they do with confidence, doing it on a revered stage and in a place of power...it's important. And "Turn Me Around" is pretty much  perfect song, so there's that. 

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