18 September 2017


It seems weird that today, more than eight years into this weird cultural experiment, marks the first appearance of BESTHÖVEN. Hailing from the relatively nowhere town of Gama, somewhere between the coast and the interior regions of Brasil, this one man/machine project is to South America what Kawakami is to Japan. With 50+ releases under his belt, Fofäo has been cranking out sinister and primitive DBeat for well over 20 years with no signs of slowing down. The live experience includes various other players, but the recordings are (primarily) just one dude, DBeating his life away for our pleasure. This tape features BESTHÖVEN tracks from splits with VIOLATION, SKELETON, TRIOXIN 245, SEE/GET, WARVICTIMS, SUBURBAN SHOWDOWN and DISCLOSE, as well as the More Victims Of War and Just Another War Song EPs. Raw and brutal Dbeat purism...

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