26 September 2017


A surprisingly compelling thrift store score, this release was about 7 years too late for the indie stardom that it deserved. With elements of HOUSE OF LOVE, SMASHING PUMPKINS, DINOSAUR JR. and other guitar heavy college/alt rock noteworthies, if this record had come out on Homestead or Matador in 1987 then I have little doubt that people would swoon "my sweet....valentine" and that the dreamy and distorted interlude "Hope" would have made it onto countless high school mix tapes constructed with attempted late night silence in my bedroom in Oklahoma. But alas, Sex Vehicle was released in 1995, when the underground and DIY scenes had made a full departure for lilting radio friendly indie/pop, even with heavy guitars, and so here we are....twenty five cents at a St. Vincent DePaul in New Mexico gets you a good listening piece of history. And two decades later, those seven years don't seem like such a big deal. 

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K said...

Whoa! Finally got into this, and it is rad. Love this (at the time) totally unfashionable Yankee shoegaze. You can really hear a Chainsaw Kittens influence in this tape, too.

I really dig all these forgotten nuggets of late '80s to mid-90s indie rock you unearth. I think I might try my hand at making compilation out of the wealth of gems you've presented here. Much appreciated!