16 September 2017


Maybe it's because I just got back from Brasil, maybe it's because the comp is just hot like fukkn fire, or maybe it's because Ben started cranking out the regional Pandemonium mix tape series a few years back and I have yet to share them with you. But you shouldn't wonder why you are getting this gift, you should just lather yourself in the pure primal power that is '80s Brasilian punk and hardcore. COLERA, OLHO SECO, LOBOTOMIA, RATOS DE PORÃO....sure. but also AUSCHWITZ, HINO MORTAL, FOGO CRUZADO, COBAIAS, GRINDERS and so many more. 29 tracks in all, every one essential. 


Anonymous said...

thank you! but please...

OLHO seco, not OHLO seco


Anonymous said...

sorry i'm not mad or anything.... but i always see people misspelling their name..... cheers, your blog is awesome as ever