24 September 2017


These kids weren't around for very long, but every time I saw them they crushed. From somewhere in the North Bay (Petaluma maybe?), CHRISTIAN REICH only dropped this demo (as far as I know?), and we should all be so lucky to have a recorded legacy this concise (and killer). The Bay Area sound is there in the form of BLACK FORK and even MULTI FACET nods, but at a certain point it's just really good hardcore punk, and they were super positive folks to hang out with too. Three studio tracks followed by three extremely raw and very excellent rehearsal demos (especially the last two) on the flip - I say it all the time, but imagine how many rippers like this there are in the world...bands who faded away after a brief flash, but left an under appreciated legacy in their dust. Also, good band name. 

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Anonymous said...

Only saw them once, but these were friends, and what they did was very much appreciated at the time, though not by everybody, because by and large the north bay kinda sux. strangely enuff this band did not last long, but they did manage to make it on tour way out to (i think) even the east coast. they all were from healdsburgh, tho by the time this tape made it out they might've relocated as far south as santa rosa.

thanks for putting this one up, something i'm proud to say i have a hard copy of in storage somewhere.