15 September 2017


Killer '80s dark punk originally posted back in 2010, this WAR TOYS practice tape is on pretty regular rotation around TEHQ, so it seemed fair to revisit for everyone's benefit. It's unpolished, to be sure, but the tracks are quintessential brooding anarcho that swing hard when the drummer starts in on the toms. It's easy to imagine these tracks with a "proper" recording (and, in fact, I often forget how raw this practice tape is simply because the tracks are so solid)...and just think of how many more bands there are like this one - bands who created brilliance in a vacuum and with a flash. And then faded away. 

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joe defiant said...

i have a tape called "indoctrination is the system" with 11 tracks from war toys with a few of the songs on this practice tape and bunch of other songs. i'll send it to you if you don't have it.