09 August 2016


One demo and they were gone, but Portland's WEIRD FEAR left a serious mark...if you can listen through the low fidelity haze. Spastic bursts of ferocious hardcore, as erratic as they are intense, this 2011 demo comes off like the second coming of MUKILTEO FAIRIES fed a steady diet of late '90s West Bay Coalition. The moniker is perfect, the tracks are awkward and panicked and...well, weird. "Everything Is Now" is the creamer, hearing it gradually turn into hardcore after a MINUTEMEN-on-blast introduction and then stumble to a close made me rewind several times before I would let myself continue to appropriately titled "High Time Anxiety." The only complaint is the recording quality, but any listener worth their mettle will be over that and raging in no time. That's what volume knobs are for. 

1 comment:

Adrián Osorio said...

"High Time Anxiety" is sick,
u're right the only "bad" thing is the recording quality
but still awesome!
g r a cias hechizero.