18 August 2016


FLOWER ZOMBIES are so gloriously simple and innocent sounding - crooning indie/garage that sneaks up on you, and before you know it you are joining them in off key choruses. Kinda reminds me of a less polished ORANGES, but there are maybe four people who will ever see that, so I'l;l move along to the other side.  THE DEATH are another animal entirely (well, were, they have moved on to other projects)....truly bizarre lo-fi outsider garage sounds that have grown on me immensely since I got this tape from Naoki last year. Favorite tracks: "Ghost Of Dream" and "My Specs."

The timing of today's post is not accidental, as folks from EXTRA PLANTS (ex-THE DEATH) are currently hosting my pals RAKTA in Japan. Tokyo residents would be well advised to catch them while they are in your country - starting 19 August at Hatagaya Forest, then continuing with this absolute crusher at Antiknock on the 21st::::

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Adrián Osorio said...

this is a sweet
i think im going for "ghost of dream" - "sand at night" - "my specs"
and "you'll knock me down" just won me
thanks a lot wizard!
c h ee r s!