02 August 2016


We played San Antonio with these kids on the RITUAL CONTROL '13/'14 tour, an onslaught of hardcore delivered by people who were consumed by their own power and emotions. Their vinyl offerings are all great, and I hope to see them in the flesh again....but this demo? A baker's dozen of relentless drum machine driven one man grind/PV that's gone in less than ten minutes, the self titled 2010 banger from AMYGDALA is pure head spinning brutality to be filed alongside PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI and other mindfukkrs. Not at all what I was expecting...but exactly what I was wanting.


Adrián Osorio said...



Bryan Duff said...

amygdala is not a one man outfit. they are a full band and female fronted.

Bryan Duff said...

Amygdala is not a one man outfit. They are a female fronted full band with a real drummer and always have been.

Bryan Duff said...

So, I just downloaded this and it appears to be a different Amygdala from the San Antonio 5 piece. My mistake. I saw that the author played with this band in "San Antonia" [sic] and assumed it was the the badass hardcore band from San Antonio. https://amygdalatx.bandcamp.com/