14 August 2016


I scooped this one on my first trip to Europe in '03, and every time it comes out it stays on repeat for several days. Last week was no different...doing a little quick reorganizing between a road trip and a short tour and I spied KARTON D VINO peeping out from the second layer of a banger box. "Are we gonna do this again?" the tape asked. "Yes," I replied, "we are." Fierce fist in the air Spanish ramshackle punk anthems from a band who only left us with two cassettes...this one is the second, from 2001, and I'm still searching for the first. 


shortfastloud said...

Here you can download another record (Metiendo El Pie En La LLaga). Is a cd from 2009


and i can give you another link for their first demo (Piesnegrismo Politiko) but the quality of the rip it's very bad

Adrián Osorio said...

puño en el aire!
actitud y corazón punk
buenas letras
this one is fucking great
gracias wizard