08 August 2016


Oh, you snoozed? Sorry for you, punk. Terminal Escape faves YADOKAI disintegrated into SCALPED a couple of years ago (only change in membership was one guitarist) and then as soon as your knuckles hit the floor they were gone and PRIMAL RITE appeared (change in membership this time was the vocalist). SCALPED took YADOKAI's erratic lurches and yanked out enough of the Japanese hardcore to make it real confusing - a start/stop/breakdown riff-o-rama from the first burst of sound. There are only six minutes of mayhem on this demo, and it runs essentially as one track, one collection of riffs, one continuous bash to the face. I honestly prefer this practice space demo to any of the band's "studio" recordings - rawer, more teeth, more chaos....uglier. And this is a band that was, from its inception, decidedly ugly. 



Really good band !
Scalped from Novato I liked just as much if not more !
Novato powerviolence rules !!!!!!!!!!!

Adrián Osorio said...

listen loud !
i like ur spells wizard