29 August 2016


Who releases a tour tape with twenty two fucking songs? These Memphis freeks, that's who. By 1997, Memphis was already on the map - COP OUT and HIS HERO IS GONE will do that to a town. We saw little evidence of this scene when FUCKFACE passed through in '96 (for reasons obvious to most, including us at the time), and by the time WHN? played there in '01 the cream had been scraped off the top of the city and the dregs were left (the show was good, but you know what I mean). But this....this tape sounds like The Sweet Spot. Ferocious, blown out, crushingly heavy, frighteningly fast, and indescribably '90s hardcore. Clocking in at just under a half hour, these tracks have been played into the ground since I unearthed I Kill Cities! a couple of weeks ago. I miss this hardcore so damn bad - there was no pretense, they weren't trying to impress anyone because they were more focused on exorcising demons...and it shows.  


Anonymous said...

Where can more info/anything be found about this band??! This tape slays and I can find nothing else on the interwebs! Can you direct? Please and thanks!

Adrián Osorio said...

gotta break some stuff with the in the background
thanks a lot wizard!!!

Bryan Rock said...

thanks for all this- Reading your blog and seeing posts like this is fascinating cause this is the era that i was starting to play in fast bands, and buying any cool looking tape from Neil tribal war or at the original ozone across from Powells. i would buy up anything that looked loud or ugly! Hopefully someone will get a decent house venue going again soon here in Salem.