13 August 2016


When your demo starts with a track called "Punx Up Bros Down," then you've got my attention before I press play. Of course, I was pressing play the day after I saw these New York City monsters level the joint at last month's Aklasan Records Fest - on a night filled with highlights, DOG BREATH were a fukkn bulldozer. Pure and positive brutality with hints of classic NYHC buried in the tracks - tracks that are relentless. Listen to the bass that opens "Chow Mein" and the off kilter stomp that leads into the blasts, that in turn lead into the weirdest solo you'll hear all day....you might know the sounds, but you rarely hear them like this. More please. 


Blacktooth said...

That track, 'nuff said.
Thanks for the post!

kingpossum said...

Crazy. Such an obvious band name yet nobody ever grabbed it. It was the universe reserving it for these guys.

Based on Blacktooth's comment me thinks I'll start with said track Oreo. Thanks for the post.

kingpossum said...

Holy shit this is monster. The great production gets it across like a bat to the face too. Awesome post.

Yes, more please.

Adrián Osorio said...

fucking NYHC injection directly to the veins !
thanks wizard.