26 July 2016


The connection between catchy Oi! and infectious dark punk makes sense. I mean, BLITZ demonstrated thirty years ago that you could take streetpunk guitar leads and turn them into brooding dangly earring licks with nothing more than a foot switch. TUMBAS hail from Bogotá and they nail this transition on their four song demo....I'm assuming this is Paula from DEAD HERO handling the vocals because it sounds just like her (and I bought the demo from DEAD HERO...), which only solidifies the whole StreetGoth connection. This one has teeth, and the only thing that broods is the presentation - these goth punks will knock you on your ass. 


mapa said...

Hi, this is María Paula, the bassist from Tumbas, I wanted to clarify that the vocalist is not Paula, she's a friend of us but in this case the singer is Luisa (you can check the band members and more info in our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TumbasPostPunk/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel), also our influences tend to be more the 70's english punk and 80's post punk and deathrock, thanks anyway for taking the time to listen to our tape and making this post :)

the wizard said...

Maria - thank you for the clarification! I got the tape from DEAD HERO, so I guess I was maybe assuming a little too much. No matter who the singer or the influences - this demo is fukkn great!!