22 July 2016


John sent me this one a while back, and upon an initial listen I decided that I needed to spend serious time with BITCHCRAFT. Some bands you can put on and blast a song or two and be all like "yeah, shit bangs, I'm into it." But sometimes you hear a band and it gives you pause - you think "this is going to require some effort." Now, in Thee Busy Lives Ov Millennial Humans there isn't always time for that effort and as a result some brilliance with be unavoidably overlooked. That was the case with BITCHCRAFT until a couple of weeks ago....better late than never. And I want to thank Thee Sounds Ov Bitchcraft for their patience...patience that was rewarded with my undivided attention. For thirty one glorious minutes, and then again for thirty one more, these sounds sunk into me, and now they are here for good, building a permanent foundation upon subsequent listens. Witchy, dark, determined - powerfully earnest, BITCHCRAFT crank out track after track of pure magic. There are few bands I would compare to Brazil's RAKTA, but these Tulsa, Oklahoma women are in that league. I thank you, BITCHCRAFT...you were worth the wait. 

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Bilbo Dildo said...

Don't confuse these OK psychos with the Ukrainian Bichkraft


I might have to figure out another iteration of "Bitchcraft" for my next band given that bands with this name are hitting 1.000