16 July 2016


When punks decide to play shamelessly catchy indie/punk, The Punks are supposed to shame them...right? Listen to these tracks and fukkn TRY to deny them. I dare you. You will fail. They will suck you in. You will fail....and these songs will become a part of you. And then you will be a winner. Vocals are almost on a John K. Samson level (yeah, I know, but they are that endearing), and the ability to write a perfect pop song in less than two minutes and then just leave it there - because that's all you need? That's a special thing, kids, and it will keep you coming back to these tracks over and over again. Groovy and friendly and very very sweet. We need these things sometimes. 

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Anonymous said...

Super catchy! Sounds like the Promise Ring, but better....not so original but those hooks man. Thanks for sharing