12 July 2016


Last weekend when STERILE MIND did a little mini-tour, and we ended in ridiculous fashion...a small and mysteriously fun show in Vancouver, then we drove 16 hours to Santa Rosa, California for an afternoon show in the park. We wanted to play another gig, to be sure, but my main motivation for hauling ass was to see this Colombian band in the flesh. DEAD HERO's brand of Oi! is so simple...and it's so right. Every track is an anthem, every guitar lead is perfectly flanged and on fukkn point, every chorus makes you want to put a fist in the air....and I wanted my fist in the air. The drive was long and I kinda didn't think we were gonna make it, but when Jordan replied to my inquiry and let me that while we were 20 miles out, DEAD HERO were just setting up, I leaned my foot in a little harder.....the plan was working. And the overnight was more than worth it for the 20 minutes of punk that we saw in the park. It was everything it was supposed to be - perfectly crafted tracks that could inspire the most jaded. Saw them and their tourmates FINAL two days later in SF to a mostly empty full El Rio while the cool kids chilled at the JJ DOLL gig up the block (worthwhile gig mind you, JJ DOLL killed it...but  DEAD HERO started after they were finished, and what fool doesn't walk a block to see a Colombian punk band? Most of San Francisco, apparently...), and they were, not surprisingly, even better than at the outside gig in the park. Fukkn flawless, in fact. These tracks are going to get into you, my friends...and California denizens have two more days to catch them on tour (if I wasn't playing a show tonight then I would hitch a ride to Sacramento my own damn self).

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