11 July 2016


All hail the mufukkn bargain bin. Last week in Seattle, two of my finest dollars earned me this NUCLEAR WITCH cassette. That's 16 minutes of pure filth for less than the price of a mediocre beer in most major metropolitan area meat markets. See? BARGAIN. NUCLEAR WITCH are a fukkn mess....feedback, noise, shitty recording pegged in the red, random leads, (hopefully) satanic and (likely) inappropriate knuckle dragging noise/metal. Raw and relentless...I don't know anything about them, and it's probably best that way. Get weird, my friends.

Shit - I searched anyway, and apparently this noise is from Wisconsin. Color me intrigued...

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Anonymous said...

Fuck yes! This KILLS! And of course I am hearing it six years after it was recorded and four years after the labels most recent post... But THANKS for posting this crazy shit. It totally fit my mood today...and yesterday...and probably tomorrow's too.