07 July 2016


Sometimes, as much as it shames me to admit it (not really), I want a killer song. Like one with a catchy chorus and a bridge, maybe even a few tasty guitar licks....and there's gotta be a singer that I can try to sing along with (and fail) when no one is listening. All noise all the time.....? Well that just means that the noise doesn't really have any oomph anymore, right? Enter Singapore's DAILY RITUAL. Actually, this entry is a couple of years old, and they've since released an EP, a full length on Sabotage/4490, and a recent split with THE STOPS. The kids have been busy, and they are cranking out the stuff that I want. Comparisons to OBSERVERS, NEON PISS, RED DONS are not at all out of line here...enjoy your day. 

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