20 April 2016


I had heard that these goofs were jamming a bit, and considering the goofs involved (the roster features current and former members of COLD CIRCUITS, REPLICA, SCALPED, YADOKAI, SYNTHETIC ID, NO STATIK....among many many others) I figured it could be pretty cool. But fukk. Really? Crazy catchy mod punk like SLADE getting a bum rub from NEGATIVE APPROACH or some shit (I have no idea what that means) because as soon as you think it's some goin-to-the-pub-with-me-mates rehash they do something like the chorus of "ACAG" and you're all like "oh balls, this is hardcore." And then of course the next fukkn track has a DEAD MILKMEN swagger...I mean, what am I supposed to do? How can I not get on board The ULTRA Train? I'm helpless.

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