27 April 2016


If a bunch of raucous hardcore dudes are going to start an Oi! band, then I want it to sound like CINDERBLOCK. It's smart, it's totally in your face, the guitars on "Disco Killers" alone are enough to remind you why you are a punk. I can only assume that these Boston creamers are not amateurs, and their lyrics suggest a band intelligent far beyond their riffs. This tape kicked my ass immediately, and has continued to please me since then....you are welcome to join in my enjoyment. I encourage listening to "Voiceless" until you are (inevitably) hoarse. 

I have been have file hosting issues for the last few days, and I appreciate the emails letting me know that all is not well in the digital World Of The Escape. It appears that things are good now (I mean, The Internet tells me that someone DLed the BRAINOIL tape a quarter hour ago...so that's one more lucky punk rocker), so I encourage you to go back to the CIBORGUE and BRAINOIL tapes (because they are both great, obviously). If you are having problems with today's post, please visit the CINDERBLOCK Bandcamp and enjoy their demo that way (actually, you should go to their thing either way, because that way you can actually make contact with them and tell them how much you love the tape), but please drop me a line and let me know that you are getting files successfully (or not) so that I can continue to serve you.
With Respect - The Management


Vince said...

hello dear wizard,

it's still impossible to download from box at the moment, but because i'm nearly god (may i be the only one that manage to download those files), i've used my greatness to use google & search for the problem and came up with a work around!!
it's simple:
use that link
and paste at the end the last portion of the link you kindly provided us.
in today post, it is
which then gives this new link
and now you can witness a real miracle happening!! you can download the file!!

the wizard said...

It seems that Box is working fine from mobile devices, but people working from desktops are still having difficulties. Thanks for your (new) link - and I'll keep trying to resolve this issue.

Anonymous said...

was a scarred for a second when I saw the band name CINDERBLOCK there is a white power band by that name then I realized that this is terminal escape and you would not post shit like that

Vince said...

i'm on desktop and all links that didn't work are working using that trick