07 April 2016


Pretty massive sounding Midwest hardcore. Following the "everything louder than everything else" approach to recording, their already colossal riffs feel kinda like an avalanche when the bottom drops. They added a (third) guitar at the EINOK2 show, and the wall of beef on that stage was imposing before they hit a note...listen to the discordant chugs during "Baby Worm" and it won't be hard to imagine how terrifying it was. Squirmy affected vocals veer things from huge to weird...and these tapes are dubbed so hot that it hurts to touch 'em. Plop this band in New York or Toronto or Boston and everyone would be soaking their drawers and humping their legs...that's why the middle of the country rules, punks.

As is often the case, the physical cassette manifestation that I try to capture here has a different vibe than the digital version...it's not a better or worse thing, but this is how these punks sold be the tape, so this is how I share it with you, you know? I want my experience to be your experience.

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