24 April 2016


Sometimes punks go goth and buy a ton of effects pedals. And every so often, shortly thereafter, those punks learn how to write perfect pop tunes and manage to keep them dark. These punks seemed to already have that gift, as this full length dropped near the band's inception in 2012. TRAUMA HARNESS first stopped by The Escape three years ago amidst a slew of LUMPY-related cassingles that I shared all at once, but they've been rather busy since then (last year's Tried My Hardest is highly recommended). It's moody and weird, and the combination of chops and amateurish enthusiasm ("Blue Flame" for example) is refreshing. As is sometimes the case, my cassette copy sounds kinda fukkd here and there - guitars a little more out of whack, maybe a warble where the band didn't intentionally place a warble, if you know what I'm saying? - and here again I've decided to share as is. This is what I got from them, so it's what you get from me...you know? And besides, kid, that's the shit that makes tapes cool...right?! 

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