14 April 2016


I can't tell you anything about them, but I can tell you that ANO capture Girls In The Garage and actual modern punk rage at the same time on their 2013 demo, and that is a thing worth noting. Stripped down, feisty punk that struggles to keep a beat as much as it struggles to stay inside a (self imposed?) box. But that struggle (on both counts...) is what makes this so fukkn compelling. This isn't an easy listen, necessarily, but it's also clear that ANO do not give half a shit about what I think - which is also what makes this so good. The guitar that starts "You Stop My Time" is perfect, by the way. 

Hey you - You bore me!


Andrew TSKS said...

There's no link on this post, just letting you know.

the wizard said...

Problem rectified - notification appreciated.