26 April 2016


Hard to imagine that this demo was recorded 15 years ago, but when BRAINOIL found their thing (I think it's called a "groove") they struck gold...and they never stopped mining. Six tracks on this demo, and only one tops the two minute mark - crushing stoner riffs for days, but condensed into hardcore punk songs. If you haven't heard them and that doesn't make sense....? You're going to have to trust me. Their decade and a half run (there was a pretty lengthy hiatus in the somewhere, but still) has netted splits with DROP DEAD, IRON LUNG and CRUEVO (these demo tracks found their way onto that release) and two full lengths (only eight years apart...that's some Japanese band shit right there), and they still level the joint every time they play. Too punk for most of the DoomLords and too heavy for most of the punks, I trust they will continue to dominate those of us who get it for years to come.

For those keeping track and/or not already aware, BRAINOIL is made up of DESTROY!, LANA DAGALES and GRIMPLE members...and here's a live set from 2001. Not surprisingly, it rules.

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Anonymous said...

Can't download this, too bad cause I was really looking forward to listening to this as a respite to the total nowadays horseshit that you keep posting