24 March 2016


Pure Finnish cream. Previously released tracks from two of Finland's most killerest fastcore rippers, combined for your ease and convenience. Both bands are lightning fast, and both manage to cram hooks and grooves into their distinctly Finnish takes on a style of breakneck that you might have thought went the way of the wall of noise guitar or delay-laden vocals...none of that here, young punks, just burner after burner after burner until it's over and you do it all again. Top tracks: "Tyhjaí Staí Vituts" from PAHAA VERTA (that double snare crack in the intro? soooo good) and "Jaíaí Kiekkoilija Jumalan Armosta" from YDINPERHE (probably the most "Finnish" sounding blast on their side, and when they go fast on this one? watch the fukk out). Well worth tracking down the wax too...but that's for someone else's blog.

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