30 March 2016


The cassette detritus from my visit to Everything Is Not OK2 a couple of weeks back will likely be clogging your RSS feeds for months to come. Punk, contrary to the way too many people treat it, isn't a contest, and the whole weekend was top notch - but of course there were a few sets that really knocked me on my ass. Watching this Minneapolis outfit casually shred the sidewalk in from of a clothing boutique at three in the afternoon...well, that was one of those sets. Fast and furious and wholly unpretentious shit that swings the way few bands can these days, and when the singer took the time to talk to the gathered throngs - the difference between her delivery and the delivery of someone talking at an audience was palpable - you remembered why this punk stuff is so good, so powerful, and so important to so many people. I lost my shit. 

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Dk said...

I love and enjoy the current explosion of women coming out to rock the punk into those who may have felt that they were more a novelty than a fierce reality to be reckoned with. Lemonade rule in my world. And you're right ...Punk, contrary to the way too many people treat it, isn't a contest. I wish we could stop and enjoy what's in front of us than consuming just the be the first one on the block to have this or that or play with this band or that for the sake of "punk points". I don't care unless you're/it's good. And by good, I mean to me personally.