05 March 2016


This offering from MAMMAL very quietly shut down an entire evening. I popped the cassette in rather absently, the presumed background for whatever I was doing around the house...but by the time I got to the creaking and desolate vocals whispering the chorus to "Expiration" I could do little but listen. Profoundly dark and simple industrial psychedelia breaks bread with acoustic sounds stripped of all accoutrements; a minimal presentation that achieves maximum results. 



K said...

Very righteous drone!

Gary Beauvais said...

What is your motivation to give my music away for free? Please take this link down immediately, and create something of your own to give away.

the wizard said...

Gary - My "motivation" should be pretty self explanatory with little more than a quick glance at my posts. I write words about tapes that I find interesting or compelling, that hold a special place for me for one reason or another, or that I simply think contain good music (yours, for the record, falls into at least two of those categories), and then I share sounds with interested parties. I make an effort to link readers to the artists and/or labels responsible for more current releases, in hopes that if they are also interested, that they will delve deeper. Some do delve deeper, and some do not. I don't think that I'm special, or that I have some right to give away other people's shit or negatively affect artists in any way. I think that most artists shared here are at least receptive if not appreciative, and the feedback I've received reinforces this. Perhaps I'm wrong.
I have removed the link as you requested, but left the link to the MAMMAL bandcamp page active.

And, since you asked:
(this is something "of my own" that someone else gave away)
(something of my own that I gave away)

For what it's worth (not much, I'm guessing), the physical limitations of the cassette format and the unpredictable occasional distortions resulting from manual reproduction gave parts of Fringe Residue an entirely different feel, and I really like the juxtaposition of the noisier dirtier presentation of a few of the tracks on the physical version on Nostilevo. I wish you continued productivity, and I will continue to listen.