27 March 2016


I've been sitting on this pile of crap for a while now (a couple of years, actually), so I figured I would dump it all on you at once so that true shitcore fans can spend the rest of the day cleaning their panties, and adult visitors can move along, free to return tomorrow for some grown up music without fear of being assaulted by tracks like FRANK GOSHIT's "Fuck The Keyboard."

Two now defunct labels, clearly run by the same (or similar) casts of characters, EXISTENTIAL DREAD and NEVERMIND tapes. Both cranked out a handful of appropriately limited (I'm talking 10-20 copies each) releases in the early '10s, releases lacking in anything approaching artistic merit. Garbage. Shit. Unlistenable nonsense. Included in today's post are the entire EXISTENTIAL DREAD catalog and five of the seven NEVERMIND TAPES releases...NVM-05 is a killer cassingle from DJ DICKWALLS, shared here back in 2012, but NVM-01 D//CEREGHINI's I Went Back To College has somehow escaped my clutches. NVM catalog numbers 08 & 09 are CDrs, so even though I want you to hear RAGING DICKBRAIN as much as you want to hear RAGING DICKBRAIN, that will have to be left to another site...but this will hold you over until then.

The contents....? Total noise. A few of the "artists" flirt with sounds that are actually engaging (CHIEF THUNDERCLOUD, PANTIES) while others are just nonsense (the 114 second two track I Don't Need You cassingle from TURKEY TITS comes to mind). You want one-man-vocal-only noisecore? FRANK GOSHIT has got you covered. Or maybe you want to listen to BOBBY and JAMES go to war on the Elephant Man Behind The Sun: (ultra) Fecal Frenzy Noise Core Battle split? You have options here, you freak.

I'm not saying you need this....but you need this. If only as a sociological study. Pure mutant sounds, nothing more. I have no idea why someone would bother making them, much less reproducing them (even in laughably small quantities). But as you're shaking your head and acknowledging your superiority....listen to BLEEDING IN THE MOONLIGHT's version of "Lean On Me" and ask yourself if it's not damn near the most brilliant thing you've ever heard. OK...maybe "brilliant" is a bit of a stretch.


Toll Taker said...

Oh The Wizard, you are always full of surprises. What will you do next?

Just a hint- those Christian sermon cassettes clogging the bins at thrift stores from sea to shining sea must contain great quantities of gold.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these. new releases coming soon.