17 March 2016


Quintessential early '00s SXE hardcore. Melodic guitar leads, earnest lyrics, circle pit parts and dogpile parts...shit is all here, kids. FIGHTINGxCHANCE was a short lived project made up of Detroit and Toronto punks...captures the era perfectly. Members went on to play in NO WARNING and, if the internet is to be believed, this.

I've never fucking done it, never fuckin will
drink a fucking substance, I know can fuckin kill
social status, do it because it's cool
do it to be accepted, you're plain [sic] the fucking fool
you say he made you do it, you try to shift the blame
but who drank the liquid? you're all the fucking same
too weak to take control, too weak to quit the game
drinking's not a "disease," it's just fuckin lame!

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Austen Reid said...

Jesus fuck, that link...