09 March 2016


This slab is beyond damaged. From the first metallic guitar wails you just know you are in for something...and you are right. My brain was ready for King/Hanneman by way of modern noisepunk, because that's the foundation that the opening seconds of this demo laid, but then my brain spent the remainder of "Green Star Eye!" watching itself ooze out of my ears while those ears struggled to fit everything inside. A brutal slog, that opening track is a midpaced pulverization with a cresting wave of sonic destruction. CHAIN GANG GRAVE reinvent the fukkn wheel here, it's like a mess of modern studded leather punks force fed a diet of '90s AmRep...there's so much tonnage here it's indescribable, and the presentation grabs you right out of the gate. The term "certified Banger" was invented for offerings like this one.

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The L-RV said...

Been trip pin' on these dudes for a few months now. I get the same feeling I did when I first heard the early 400 Blows material. Good stuff