14 February 2016


Not that this information will help anyone who doesn't live in the Bay Area, but Maximum Rocknroll put together a series of really good shows this weekend (I hesitate to call it a "fest," both because that's a dirty word with some folks and because it really just feels like a bunch of great gigs crammed into four consecutive days). You can see what you missed here, and start making plans for next year, or you can just take my word that this weekend has been a much needed shot in the arm for me. Great band after great band, and lots of faces I haven't seen in far too long...punk stuff can be very good, my friends. I got a few records (including the NO FORM 12" - holy balls I hope this band makes it to our shores), a few tapes that you'll be hearing soon enough, and today the weekend closes with a 924 Gilman show with Bay Area freaks SBSM (and a bunch of other bands). This four songer was released last year by FOTE Remote Outposts, and I was pretty floored to hear that their live mania was able to be harnessed onto magnetic tape. Soaring electronics, layers of vocals, hypnotic drums pounding out appropriately monotonous rhythms...good shit.

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